The struggle for talent is real as law firms eye growth

Good lawyers are increasingly hard to find with demand set to grow. However, recent research uncovers that many firms may be under-utilising key tools & strategies available to attract top talent. Salaries have remained flat despite obvious, and continuing, high demand for quality personnel.

Top Tips For Dealing With Millenials in Law Firms

There’s a new generation in town and they are steadily becoming your employees. But, contrary to popular belief, millennials don’t overtly want to be treated differently, and instead, are looking to assimilate into your workplace with as little fuss as possible.

Most firms plan to pay increase this year

New Zealand law firm staff members are in for a treat this year as most of the legal industry expect to increase pay at or above the consumer price index (CPI).

The insight comes from the recently concluded “2018 NZ Legal Industry Salary and HR Issues Survey” commissioned by the Australasian Legal Practice Management Association (ALPMA) and McLeod Duminy, which gathered responses from 101 law firms that employ nearly 2,700 staff.

Legal workplaces must do more to achieve gender equality, report says

Women make up the majority of the legal industry yet this dominance is not reflected in partner ranks, a new study reveals.

About 63 per cent of all lawyers are female, yet less than a third are on the board, research conducted by Australasian Legal Practice Management Association (ALPMA) and McLeod Duminy showed.

Lawyers for good: How pro bono work contributes to society

Kirsty Spears, Director at legal recruitment firm McLeod Duminy, says, for example, lawyers fail to get credit for the free work they provide to those who need it most.

“We see ‘pro bono’ and volunteer work included on almost all the CVs we get through, indicating how widespread volunteering is within the legal fraternity,” she says. “By volunteering their services, those in the legal profession are contributing to the betterment of society in a number of ways.”