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When all said and done what our clients need from us is to deliver consistently high calibre candidates that suit the needs of their business and clients now, and into the future.

However, the definition of a high calibre candidate can vary greatly between firms and even between roles in the same organisation or team. So the most important part of what we do is to gain a good understanding of our clients, their teams and the roles, which we realise is most effectively done over a course of dealing, asking plenty of questions, and taking a long term view.

Our efforts in this area have paid off and we are proud of our record of making placements stick, even as the labour force becomes more mobile and the trend is for shorter tenures.

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Candidate Sourcing

This is the part of our role that is evolving constantly as technology and on-line networks create access to a far wider pool of potential candidates. Our clients are able to source candidates from many of the same avenues as us, and so we have to be able to delve a little deeper into the market through a combination of technology and good old-fashioned networking. When done properly both require significant investment, not least of time, and still require an individual approach as each person has a distinct set of skills, ambitions and motivations.

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Why McLeod Duminy?

Even in this fast-paced digital age lawyers remain quite traditional and also somewhat cautious. They often prefer a third party between themselves and a prospective employer until they are sure they are interested in a role. They are also usually busy and we can spend the time to make the inquiries and offer a choice of roles. More than most, they appreciate the role of a trusted advisor when dealing with potentially life-changing decisions.

For more passive job-seekers the mantra is simple – keep in touch. The biggest complaint from candidates dealing with recruiters is that they don’t keep in touch and so to us the solution is obvious – keep in touch!

We are also committed to being strong advocates for our clients in the market, even when we aren’t working on a particular role. Employer brand is all important in a competitive, skills short market and so we make sure we are sharing your good news stories far and wide.