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The struggle for talent is real as law firms eye growth

Good lawyers are increasingly hard to find with demand set to grow, however, recent research uncovers that many firms may be under-utilizing key tools & strategies available to attract top talent. Salaries have remained flat despite obvious, and continuing, high demand for quality personnel. There are many external forces impacting a firm’s ability to roll […]

Legal staff: Focus on retention or embrace turnover?

It is a little surprising that the employee turnover in the legal profession pretty much matches the national average. Conventional wisdom would have that turnover of professionals would be lower than average and lawyers are no exception, having typically studied for many years, struggled to get that first step on the ladder as a graduate […]

Soft skills are what separates us from the machines.

In a world where increased advances in technology have people worried about their jobs, one method to combat the rise of the machines is to focus on those inalienably human traits which separate warm bodies from cold computing capability. In the legal profession, where the rise of artificial intelligence is already taking over many rote […]

Could blind hiring hold the key to better diversity?

With law firms in general beset with a reputation for being mainly white, led by men and elitist, the question must be asked: how can these firms improve diversity? Could the answer lie in so-called ‘blind hiring’, describing an approach which aims to overcome unconscious bias and select talent based on skills and abilities by […]