Latest Thoughts - Page 11

Choosing a Recruiter

Much as lawyers at a dinner party invariably get legal questions, often well outside their own field of expertise as well, so recruitment consultants get asked about why someone would work with us and how to identify a good recruiter. Lawyers often understand why you would use a recruiter as they are in the role […]

Top 3 Interview Tips

I keep coming across LinkedIn and Twitter ‘Top 5’ this and ‘8 ways to’ do that so I thought I would try one of my own in relation to interview advice. I have worked in recruitment for more years than I care to repeat here and even as interview techniques, technology and economics have changed […]

Law for Change

We had a great meeting with Law for Change yesterday and learnt more about what they are doing to try and increase interest and participation in public interest law in New Zealand. There are many great organisations and individuals already doing their part to fulfil the legal profession’s responsibility to the community it serves and […]

Our Very Own Website

Well here it is, our very own website. As someone who started in legal recruitment when we had one computer in the office with a green flashing cursor on a black screen the fact this even exists is still slightly amazing. It has been a surprisingly short journey to get here, just two months after […]