McLeod Duminy caps 6 years of success by partnering with local charity Foster Hope

Recruitment specialist McLeod Duminy is celebrating more than a half decade of success the best way it knows how – by giving back. The firm, which places candidates in the legal industry, is teaming up with Foster Hope, an organisation which supports foster parenting by providing children with the necessities to ease their way into a new family, symbolising community support.

McLeod Duminy is led by co-directors Kirsty Spears and Christina Kruger. Spears says they decided to throw their support behind Foster Hope after mulling on the truism that it takes a village to raise a child. “For children in foster care, the community is their only village. That means we all have a responsibility of showing care for them and that we want to help them do well in life.”

Through its partnership, McLeod Duminy is donating a backpack for a foster child for every candidate the firm places.

The partnership is kicking off later this month with a ‘Christmas in July’ lunch, which marks a high point in the charity’s pyjama and toy drive in preparation for December 25. “We’re thrilled to be involved with a great charity which makes a real difference for children in need. You can see there is a lot of heart going into what they do,” Spears adds.

Over the course of the six years it’s been in business, says Kruger, McLeod Duminy has seen its fair share of change from the candidate viewpoint. “We’re placing more candidates than ever, which is great news for our business and now of course also for Foster Hope. Every placement is a silver lining, because it shows the value our candidates and clients see from putting their faith in our advice.”  “And, of course, placing someone in a career-making role is hugely rewarding.” Spears adds that firms are stepping up, too, with increased options available for flexible and remote working included in compensation packages.

Both women stress the importance of reputation in the legal environment, something they have consciously focused on as individuals and as a business. “It’s about unimpeachable ethics and making a positive contribution wherever possible,” says Kruger. “We’re proud of our involvement in the ALPMA seminars which have made a great contribution to working environments, with topics including mental health, flexibility and diversity coming under the microscope, leading to positive change.”

Both love working in the legal field; Spears says candidates take their careers seriously and are proud of the work they do, while Kruger adds that it is a very human industry. “We hear a lot about the lives, careers, interests and dreams of individuals – and those individuals tend to be well travelled, well-educated and great to talk to.”

And there are, of course, moments of levity. “We deal with people, so there are hundreds of funny moments,” laughs Kruger. “Like the one when the heel peeled off my shoe in the reception of one of New Zealand’s largest firms. We were only trying to convince them we knew what we were doing, so I just had to style it out!” adds Spears.

Spears says recruitment is a rollercoaster ride, since it tends to track the ups and downs of an industry.  “You need a good balance between active jobs and active candidates. The last 6 years showed us exactly why this is necessary, and we’ll be taking that knowledge to face up to the challenges which await in the coming years.

“The growth we’ve seen has been through hard work and not compromising on what we believe in, but it wasn’t only our efforts. We’ve had so much support from our cheerleaders within the profession and our birthday lunch is always about saying thanks for that support,” she concludes.