The time is now

It is no secret that the market has been tough for graduates for a number of years and so many very well qualified and talented young lawyers didn’t have many opportunities when they were looking for their first graduate and qualified jobs. For many of you this meant significant compromise and you have ended up in areas of law, firms and locations that wouldn’t have been your ideal. Well, the good news is that the tide seems to be turning and we are seeing great opportunities for 2,3 and 4 year PQE lawyers to take a step up and move towards those original goals.

In the first few months of the year we have been able to help several young lawyers move to larger firms, or to specialise further, or to change direction. They all had a few key things in common:

  1. Good academics;
  2. Solid basic, broad experience;
  3. Made the most of the situation they ended up in;
  4. A great work ethic; and
  5. Patience

These recent moves have opened doors for all those lawyers and it is a great time for you to do the same. The change has come as the economy has continued to be strong and firms have realised that they under-recruited during tougher times and are now scrambling to fill the gaps that has left. They are also losing people overseas again, opening up still more opportunities.

If you would like to discuss your possible options then please give us a call. There as never been a better time to make a leap that will reinvigorate your career.