“Don’t Be Too Modest”

This was some of the first, and best, advice we were given when we first started McLeod Duminy. As well as being sound advice, it gave us confidence that we had something worthwhile to offer – that there was the possibility we were being too modest. We have just passed the milestone of our second birthday and are embarking on our third year in business, so I am going to take that advice literally and discuss some of the things we are proud of from those two years. Not only will I be engaging in this uncharacteristic trumpet-blowing, I will be attempting it all without recourse to the dreaded humblebrag. Here goes…

First and foremost we are still here. Our business and reputation has continued to grow over time and we have just added our first employee. We can now sympathise with the stresses of recruiting someone new for your team and the pressures of being responsible for helping someone achieve their potential!

We have helped place candidates all over the country and in many cases boosted careers. We have also changed the lives of candidates who have needed a change of job to support changes to their personal life. I think these are the placements that have most value to us, regardless of the size of the fee.

Our list of clients has grown and we have enjoyed getting to know some great people. The little celebratory lunch we had last week for some of our key clients was a bit of a revelation to be honest. It showed us how much support we had and the good will that we had built. It also reminded us how easy that is to damage and lose for good. Another sign we are doing something right was the number of calls we have had from clients to expand beyond professional and private practice. At the moment our answer is not yet, but never-say-never.

Crucially Christina and I still enjoy working together and have found that our skill sets complement each other well, for example she drinks red wine and I drink white! There has also been great support from family, friends and others that go to make the McLeod Duminy team.

I hope that wasn’t too hard to stomach, I kept the saccharine to a minimum in these sugar conscious times. That is about all the reflection we can handle as well, so let’s look forward to the next two years.