Promises, Promises.

Recently, an interesting conversation gave me a different perspective on those promises that we make to ourselves from time-to-time. The words of wisdom came from someone with a very successful board-level career within one of New Zealand’s top tier law firms and when we started to talk resolutions I expected to hear about all sorts of career goals, financial benchmarks and perhaps healthy pursuits. Instead it was a series of small, simple actions and activities aimed at variously energising and challenging this person, with fun and relaxation included. Out of 18 items only 3 were work-related and one of those was to make sure they left the building at least once during the working day.

Obviously everyone’s goals are very personal and it may be that this person had more career-focussed goals in a previous incarnation on the path to his current role. I have written before about the power of writing down your goals and this was a great example – although the spreadsheet this person uses might not be my chosen medium! What struck me most was how simple it is to make time to do what you enjoy if you are focussed. If you enjoy cooking learn a new recipe or experiment with a new ingredient once a month. If you love to run, find two events to enter this year and set the training schedule for them. If you love music, go and see a live band at least once a month.

Personally, as someone who is renovating a house, looking after a 3 year old and running a business, activities that energise and involve time by myself are high on my list. Maybe I’ll sign up for the running events next year…