Just Resolutions. Let’s Drop the New Year.

The old saying that time flies when you are having fun is pretty spot on, but it also flies when you are working hard, keeping a household going, meeting family commitments, completing those on-going ‘projects’ and generally dealing with whatever else life sees fit to put in front of you. So it is no surprise that so many conversations over the last couple of weeks have included various ways of saying “can you believe it is March already?” Whilst time has been flying how are the plans you made at the start of 2014 coming along?

Surveys show that over half of New Zealanders will have adhered to the 4000 year old tradition of making a New Year Resolution, with losing weight at the top of the list. However, global studies have found that almost 90% of those who make resolutions fail to see them through. That high rate of failure suggests that the tradition of the New Year Resolution is just that, a tradition, rather than the magic psychological rebirth that we put our faith in year after year. As with any change you need to be ready for it and that state of readiness can come at any time, even in March.

As well as being ready to make the change the single biggest thing that you can do to ensure your resolutions don’t fall by the wayside is to simply write them down  – just like any other to-do list. Study upon study shows that those who write down their goals are significantly more likely to achieve them (between 44% and 83% depending on the study).  Our very own Richie McAw-some writes goals for each match he plays and it would be hard to argue that he was not a consistently high achiever. So, if it is good enough for Richie…

As recruiters we talk to people about their career goals every day and, contrary to popular belief, know that professional and personal  goals are intrinsically linked. The irony is that we write down everything that is said in those conversations and so have that written record of your goal that most of you don’t. So if March (or April or May or June or beyond) is when you are ready to make changes let’s have a conversation and make sure we commit it to paper.