Career Review 2013

This is the time of year when everywhere you look there are articles reviewing the year whether through its films, books or music or, the more obscure Most Democratic Places to Work in 2013, Most Important Selfies or Twitter Reactions to the ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale.

Bringing this trend back to our sphere I wondered how many of us do an annual review – however in-depth or cursory – of our career? I am sure we all start the year with goals and expectations, but how far did we get towards those goals? Were our expectations met? That assessment is likely the easy bit. It is much harder to honestly assess how much we influenced the progress we made in the year. If we didn’t achieve those goals can we honestly say we gave it our all or were we relying on others to telepathically understand the opportunities, help and support we needed and wanted?

Also important is to decide whether you are happy with what the year has delivered for your career. We don’t all need to have moved on in leaps and bounds. Success as we know can take many forms. I think this is often the hardest thing to recognise, particularly in a career like law which is by its nature competitive and hierarchical, and jammed with high-achieving and ambitious individuals.

For me, my career this year has taken a turn that has delivered for me personally and professionally and for that I am very grateful and fortunate