Our Very Own Website

Well here it is, our very own website. As someone who started in legal recruitment when we had one computer in the office with a green flashing cursor on a black screen the fact this even exists is still slightly amazing. It has been a surprisingly short journey to get here, just two months after registering McLeod Duminy as a company, but my goodness we have packed a lot in and learnt a lot of new things along the way.

The first challenge was to choose a name and that has probably been the most asked question over the last few weeks. The simple answer is that is my maiden name, McLeod, and Christina’s maiden name, Duminy. Because we had those names for a long time it feels comfortable and very much our own, and there is history and a story attached of course. Plus whatever age
you reach keeping in your father’s good books can’t do any harm!

The rest was the logistics and we have had a crash course in IT, website design and email set-up. I guess if this has made it to the world wide web our efforts have been successful.

I am hoping that the blog will be a place to answer frequently asked questions, share some of our knowledge and experience and, from time-to-time, let off steam about particular issues. We are open to suggestions but if there is something you would like us to include then please let us know. Now I have upgraded from the flashing green cursor there is no end of ways to get hold of us whenever you like!

Thanks and take care,