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McLeod Duminy Employee Engagement Survey 2021 – Results

The market for talented lawyers has continued to tighten and law firms are finding it increasingly hard to find the right people for their teams. A talent shortage has long been a reality for firms across New Zealand but the effects of the pandemic, particularly the closure of the borders to overseas qualified candidates, has […]

ALPMA Snap Survey

Since the original 2020 ALPMA/ McLeod Duminy New Zealand Legal Industry Survey was published in April the Covid-19 pandemic has upended many parts of life and work. We launched a follow-up ‘Snap Survey’ to try and measure the impact the crisis has had on the legal industry and to provide a benchmark as the recovery […]

The Future of Working From Home

I think it is fair to say that 2020 hasn’t gone quite as anyone planned so far. The Covid-19 global pandemic has thrown a grenade into almost every aspect of our lives. From home to work, from education to sports and leisure, we have all had to adapt – and quickly.

Looking for a job after Covid-19

From skills shortages and high demand for professionals of all kinds, the sudden prospect of a deep recession or even depression has fundamentally shifted the landscape practically overnight. For legal professionals, the exact extent of the fallout is as yet unclear, but candidates should be aware that demand for their skills is already falling.