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Soft skills are what separates us from the machines.

In a world where increased advances in technology have people worried about their jobs, one method to combat the rise of the machines is to focus on those inalienably human traits which separate warm bodies from cold computing capability. In the legal profession, where the rise of artificial intelligence is already taking over many rote […]

Could blind hiring hold the key to better diversity?

With law firms in general beset with a reputation for being mainly white, led by men and elitist, the question must be asked: how can these firms improve diversity? Could the answer lie in so-called ‘blind hiring’, describing an approach which aims to overcome unconscious bias and select talent based on skills and abilities by […]

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Top Tips For Dealing With Millenials in Law Firms

There’s a new generation in town and they are steadily becoming your employees. But, contrary to popular belief, millennials don’t overtly want to be treated differently, and instead, are looking to assimilate into your workplace with as little fuss as possible.

Most firms plan to pay increase this year

New Zealand law firm staff members are in for a treat this year as most of the legal industry expect to increase pay at or above the consumer price index (CPI).

The insight comes from the recently concluded “2018 NZ Legal Industry Salary and HR Issues Survey” commissioned by the Australasian Legal Practice Management Association (ALPMA) and McLeod Duminy, which gathered responses from 101 law firms that employ nearly 2,700 staff.