Thank You and Goodbye

And so, after 11 years of business, we have made the decision to close the doors of McLeod Duminy Careers. It has been a true privilege to work with so many fantastic lawyers and law firms across New Zealand and beyond. If you are reading this then we may even have placed you, and perhaps even placed you more than once.

The aim was always to provide well-informed and balanced advice, and hopefully we contributed to a better, more ethical legal recruitment landscape.

Thank you so much to all those who have been part of the McLeod Duminy story, in particular friends and colleagues over those 11 years. There were also so many other cheer leaders that gave us support, advice and confidence over that time as well.

It truly is he tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata – it is the people, it is the people, it is the people.

If you have any queries or questions please contact