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We are very aware that fundamentally what clients want from us is to consistently deliver high calibre candidates. However we are also aware that the definition of a high calibre candidate can vary greatly between organisations and even between roles in the same organisation or team.

It is therefore important that we gain as good an understanding of the organisation, team and role as possible and we realise that in some cases this can only be done over a course of dealing and gaining the trust of all stakeholders. To that end we can only promise to ask plenty of questions, take a long term view and do our own due diligence.

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Candidate Sourcing

This is the part of our role that is becoming ever more complex, a trend that will not be changing anytime soon.

We know that these days our clients are able to source candidates from many of the same avenues as us, and so we have to be able to delve a little deeper into the market through a combination of technology and good old-fashioned networking.

Luckily for us lawyers remain quite traditional and also somewhat cautious. They often prefer a third party between themselves and a prospective employer until they are sure they are interested in a role. We are also able to offer a choice of roles and, more than most, they appreciate the role of a trusted advisor when dealing with potentially life-changing decisions.

For more passive job-seekers the mantra is simple – keep in touch. The biggest complaint from candidates dealing with recruiters is that they don’t keep in touch and so to us the solution is obvious – keep in touch!

We have placed candidate care and attraction at the heart of our business strategy as it creates a win-win scenario for all. Candidates get the care and attention they need to make good choices about their career, our clients see consistently high calibre candidates from us and we gain an ever improving reputation for what we do – and hopefully a few fees along the way!