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So You Wanted New Year Predictions?

Sorry but the crystal ball seems to be a bit cloudy. January in any year is always very busy for recruiters as people turn over their proverbial new leaves for a new year and decide that they need a fresh challenge, a change of scenery or simply can’t face the prospect of going back to […]

Career Review 2013

This is the time of year when everywhere you look there are articles reviewing the year whether through its films, books or music or, the more obscure Most Democratic Places to Work in 2013, Most Important Selfies or Twitter Reactions to the ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale. Bringing this trend back to our sphere I wondered how […]

Back to Basics, Drafting a CV

Even as the number of avenues available for a job search increases and our on-line presence continues to grow in importance, the role of the good old CV continues to be central. One day that could well change, but even the most sophisticated on-line portals still have some form of CV or pseudo-CV at their […]

Who was your best boss ever?

I was talking to a candidate last week about her experience and what she was looking for in her next role. Like most lawyers she was able to very accurately describe the type of work she wanted to be involved in, whether she wanted a large or small organisation, the amount of court exposure, the […]