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Up or Out? Er…Out Please

In conjunction with ALPMA McLeod Duminy recently hosted seminars for law firms in Christchurch and Auckland. Based on the results of this year’s ALPMA Survey we chose the topics ‘Pro-active Recruitment’ and ‘Gender Diversity’. With only an hour and half to commit to it we certainly didn’t cover the half of either topic, but interestingly […]

ALPMA/McLeod Duminy 2016 NZ Legal Industry Salary Survey

For the second year running we have been closely involved in supporting this survey and this year we thought that we might as well share the salary information that was gathered. There is always plenty of talk about salaries throughout the year and a handful of New Zealand-based surveys presenting information. This differs from a […]

The time is now

It is no secret that the market has been tough for graduates for a number of years and so many very well qualified and talented young lawyers didn’t have many opportunities when they were looking for their first graduate and qualified jobs. For many of you this meant significant compromise and you have ended up in […]

Hit the Ground Running Overseas

With our international alliance nicely up and running and delivering great opportunities we are seeing an increase in candidates looking to move away from New Zealand, at least for a while. For a while there the OE was as popular as ever but depressed global economies meant it was mostly an adventure rather than adding much […]