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Who was your best boss ever?

I was talking to a candidate last week about her experience and what she was looking for in her next role. Like most lawyers she was able to very accurately describe the type of work she wanted to be involved in, whether she wanted a large or small organisation, the amount of court exposure, the […]

Believe me, we share your frustrations

We have been talking to a lot of candidates recently which is exactly what we want as recruiters. Not only does it mean that we are more likely to able to find the right people for the right jobs, it gives us a great insight into the market and how people are feeling and it […]

Choosing a Recruiter

Much as lawyers at a dinner party invariably get legal questions, often well outside their own field of expertise as well, so recruitment consultants get asked about why someone would work with us and how to identify a good recruiter. Lawyers often understand why you would use a recruiter as they are in the role […]

Top 3 Interview Tips

I keep coming across LinkedIn and Twitter ‘Top 5’ this and ‘8 ways to’ do that so I thought I would try one of my own in relation to interview advice. I have worked in recruitment for more years than I care to repeat here and even as interview techniques, technology and economics have changed […]