McLeod Duminy is a specialist legal recruitment company based in Auckland, New Zealand. We work with organisations across this beautiful country looking to recruit qualified legal staff, and with lawyers just starting their career through to partners. We know what we are good at and stick to it, giving our candidates the benefit of our knowledge and advice as they navigate their legal career.

We are constantly told by our clients that people are the most important element of their organisations and we believe this wholeheartedly. As well as advising candidates, we are proud to work closely with firms to help them find the right people, and getting the right fit first time means we have an enviable record of making those placements stick.

Kirsty Spears

Legal Recruitment Consultant


I grew up in Yorkshire in the North of England and, although I have been away long enough now – via London and Sydney – that I can talk about Yorkshire and Auckland as ‘home’ with equal sincerity.

I inherited a love of all things sporting from my Dad – except golf where I just don’t see what the fuss is. Rugby goes beyond love to a passion. So much so that my husband and I had a rugby themed cake for our wedding and all festivities on the day itself were interrupted because England were playing Australia in the quarter-final of the World Cup. It was 2007 so for my Kiwi audience I won’t linger on what happened to the All Blacks in one of the other matches that weekend!

That wedding was to a wandering New Zealander which is how I landed here in Auckland. It has worked out pretty well all-in-all and I thoroughly enjoy the Kiwi lifestyle. Let’s be honest, I can’t imagine I’d be doing as much paddleboarding in the North Sea as I get to do at Waiake in the summer.

Christina Kruger

Legal Recruitment Consultant


I grew up in South Africa and was fortunate to live in 8 different towns in various regions of that country. During December 2008 my husband and I relocated to New Zealand and so came to an end an era of scorching hot summers and camping around the Kruger National Park region where treats were frequently shared with free-roaming monkeys.

Apart from long rainy winter months, I can’t be more pleased with the decision to make New Zealand my new home. I soon fell in love with the Kiwi lifestyle, particularly the café culture and music and I make sure to introduce it to everyone visiting from South Africa or elsewhere.

If ever I have the privilege to enjoy a glass of wine with you at one of the many lovely locations offered by the cities and towns in this country, I would suggest that you ensure that I stick to red only. Long story!

Carike Duminy



Born in South Africa, I loved my childhood on the farmlands of the Mpumalanga district. However, a couple of years ago my husband and I decided to immigrate to New Zealand, we wanted to give our two girls the same outdoor, care-free lives we enjoyed growing up.

We feel extremely blessed with our newfound ‘HOME’. Throughout the immigration process I had the opportunity to complete a Business Diploma and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

I appreciate the outdoors and being able to go for a run in the morning after walking my two girls to school. It’s one of the many things I enjoy about this paradise island.

Although missing things like hot summer days, family and friends back in South Africa, I could not be more grateful to live in beautiful New Zealand, safe and sound with my family.